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While our state of the art hardware solutions gives our customers an edge, it’s our people who give us the edge. We credit this to our Humanware – an intangible asset that helps us create value in the solutions we offer, recognize value in the relations we share and add value to every interaction.


With more than 140 people, our backgrounds, nationalities, skills and even accents may vary, but we speak the same language: the language of innovation. We share the same business DNA. Harnessing this common human denominator has set us apart in the past decade and made us the VAD of choice for employees, partners, customers, media and industry analysts alike.


The below four tenets have consistently made us one of the region’s Best VADs to work for and work with. Our philosophy is simple – when we help our people succeed, we succeed.



We at FVC believe work is what you do, and not where you go to. Our industry standard compensation and benefits package enables employees to grow along with our business and let them decide their future. At FVC, we only provide the roadmap and let you go as far and as fast as your ambition and ability can take you.



It is estimated that people spend nearly one-third of their lives at the work place. If that’s anything to go by, then we believe in creating a workplace that’s rewarding, empowering and embraces new perspectives.


Work Culture
Our culture attracts positive individuals who see problems and obstacles as meaningful challenges to work through. It’s no surprise our staff turnover is less than 5%, and we have employees who have worked for us for more than a decade, since inception.


Like the nature of our businesses or our customers for that matter, we are diverse yet similar. We celebrate individuality and embrace commonality. Personal and professional growth opportunities come from our day to day challenges that will push your skills to a higher level of achievement.


Just as our employees go the extra mile, we offer them more than just compensation. Our package extends beyond just a competitive salary or commissions. We offer comprehensive medical benefits for health and life – both for the employee and their loved ones. Our performance bonus and sales incentives help employees perform to their full potential. In short we have an environment that attracts, rewards and retains people with passion like you.

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